Monday, October 31, 2011

Tracting In The Rain

If there is one thing I remember well from my mission, it's tracting in the rain. We're not talking any rain, we're talking monsoon type rain. That was the kind of rain where you were wet if any part of you wasn't covered with a raincoat. We learned to ride bikes in a driving rain carrying an umbrella in crazy traffic. It's just what we did. The rain cooled things off but it was relentless for about two months. It seems that Ian is experiencing the same thing. His attitude is good though. I remember telling him that he had not experienced rain before like the kind of rain he would experience on his mission. You never really forget it.
Forget the umbrella, he needs one of these.

"Dear Family,

This was a week full of classic missionary experiences. Tracting in the rain. Being rejected a lot. Divisions. All of that good stuff. The weather this week was pretty crazy, it was either really hot or really rainy. Monday night to Wednesday morning I did and an unexpected division with one of the companionships where one of the elders got sick. On Saturday, we had a very unexpected storm front come in with very strong winds that knocked down a bunch of trees, followed by strong rains. We only had one umbrella between my companion and me and so we ended up getting pretty wet, and after a while, we just gave up on the umbrella and spent a few hours in the rain. It will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life. We were walking around singing and knocking doors with the few people that we passed on the street and the people whose doors we knocked giving us very strange looks...I need your prayer and your faith. I lost my camera about two weeks ago, I hadn´t told you yet because I didn’t want you to worry but I haven’t found it yet. I am pretty sure that I lost it in the chapel, so that gives me a lot of hope to get it back. I probably only have one more week in this area so I need to find it fast. I know that with all your prayers I will find it this week. Please don´t worry, just pray for me..."

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