Monday, October 17, 2011

"Two Divisions, One Zone Conference, One Baptism And A War."

That was the title of Ian's e-mail this week. I admit my interest was piqued at the "war" part. He said, "We had a war with the cockroaches in our bathroom this week." I thought that was pretty funny because I did battle with cockroaches on my mission and I could relate. Apparently they decided to spray for roaches and after about a half hour they started to come out from their hiding places running for better air perhaps. Ian said they then proceeded to do war and won, they smashed about 50 "big ones, small ones, ones as big as your head" I think were his exact words. He said for the next few days they kept finding lots of dead cockroaches all over the place. I'm glad they won the war but I have to wonder if the spray was that powerful on the roaches, what on earth did it do to Ian?

I had a most delightful morning with Nathan who immediately threw his hands in the air when he saw me to signal "grandma."
We played "outside."
He played on the slide
...and I had a fabulous time with that grandbaby!
I took a picture of the BYU football stadium 
on the way out of Sarah's street while waiting to cross. 
Go, Go BYU!
And this afternoon I took a great walk up Memory Grove. :)
I'd say it was another spectacular autumn day!

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