Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Weekend Trip

We went to southern Utah this weekend for a little get away.
Bishop Jim has been in need of a break.
But he never goes anywhere without his computer
and he still works even while on vacation.
This was in Kolob Canyon this afternoon on the way home.
Pictures could never do this place justice.
I was amazed.
Such stunning beauty.
Seth had a great time too.
He wanted us to take a lot of pictures of him.
maybe he wants to put them on Facebook.
Maybe there's a girl he likes.
Who knows.
Mothers are not supposed 
to understand 17 years old sons.
 Just feed them and 
hope they don't fall off the edge of cliffs.
And hope they don't kill themselves
before they head off to college.
 There must be a girl he likes.
Why else would he want me
to take so many pictures of him?
Anyway we stayed at a nice place.
The weather was fabulous.
And everyone had a relaxing trip.
And I now have a huge collection of pictures of Seth. :)

And Jim got to grow his beard again...:)
Happy me.

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