Thursday, November 24, 2011

And A Happy Thanksgiving It Was!

Our "one table" Thanksgiving was simple and easy this year.
Everyone enjoyed Nathan.
And Nathan enjoyed everyone. :)
Love this kid.
Jim and I went on a great walk.
The weather was fabulous.
Sarah and Gregory also enjoyed a walk.
Elisa, our Home Ec. teacher, enjoyed cooking.
And we all enjoyed her cooking!
At dinner we continued our yearly tradition
of mentioning one thing we are grateful for
for each popcorn kernel on our plate.
Jim's Mom & Dad stopped by during our dinner.
They had already eaten elsewhere.
Nathan enjoyed Emma's rolls and grapes.
I enjoyed Emma. :)
Elisa enjoyed us enjoying her food. :)
Of course, the dishes needed to be done.
But they were easy this year.
Everyone helped thankfully.
 We always enjoy posting on our "gratitude wall."
People post the most wonderful things.
Even Amy Jo texted Elisa for her to write
that she is grateful for our family. :)
And Seth is apparently grateful for bacon.
But the best news of all....
Due in July on Nathan's birthday.
One really wonderful grandbaby
and another on the way...


But I still missed Ian...

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  1. I thought about the wall and what fun things were going on it all day. I am glad I could be part of it. I think the baby announcement is definitely a winner. :)