Thursday, November 10, 2011


I went to the Temple this morning. It is a beautiful morning. What struck me this morning was how very clear the circle of life is and how very sweet it is as well. I looked into the faces of many older, white haired women today. They were beautiful. They seemed to radiate a clarity of purpose. There is so much confusion in the world today, so much of which is aimed at women to steer them off a simple, circle of life path. Going to the Temple frequently is the surest way I know of how to "cut through the confusion" of the world's messages.

As I was walking out of the women's dressing area, I passed a bride. There is a small room where the bride freshens herself up after she is married and prepares herself and her hair and dress before she goes outside to greet her family and friends for picture taking. I have passed this room a hundred times or more over the years. There is usually a young bride or two and their mothers in there during the day and it is always delightful to look in and see the beautiful brides. I have been in there twice with my own daughters. Today however, I only saw one bride...alone. She had on a beautiful white wedding dress and she was dabbing her eyes pretty seriously. Obviously she was trying to collect herself. The difference this time was this was an older woman, I'd say mid-40's at least. She was very pretty but clearly older. I don't know her story. Is this her long awaited and anticipated first marriage or is this a second marriage after a death or divorce? I don't know. All I know is I was very touched by what I saw. Some blessings come later to some but the message was clear...they eventually come.

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