Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Evening With My Son

Last night I attended the play "Savior of the World" with Seth and two of his friends. Seth got tickets from his seminary teacher last week and really wanted to go. Jim was busy doing Bishop stuff so Seth asked me and two of his friends to go. I already saw this production a few years ago. I enjoyed it very much then and so I viewed it differently this time. This time I sat there and pondered a lot about many different things as the play proceeded. The play has two acts. The first act is about the events leading up to the birth of Christ and the second act picks up the story when Christ is resurrected through His ascension into heaven again. It is heavily scripture based with good singing and thoughtful characters. I was particularly touched by the scene depicting the shepherds going forth testifying to others that the Savior had been born. That was very thought provoking. It is not really in the scriptures yet somehow that makes sense. How could they have kept such a thing to themselves after they witnessed the heavenly host proclaiming Christ's birth in such a miraculous way?

One of Seth's friends has been coming to church with us since September. He's been to our home many times. He's just a great young man. He wants to be baptized into our church but he is waiting on parental approval.  During the intermission he asked several good questions about the production. There were some questions about basic story lines surrounding the birth of Jesus that he had never heard before. He also did not know much about the events surrounding Christ's crucifixion. I was somewhat surprised. I thought he at least knew the events associated with Christmas and Easter but in reality, he had not been taught those things. It was a privilege to teach him and prep him for the second act and then to let him ask more questions when the play was over.

This is why missionaries go throughout the world preaching the gospel to any who are willing to listen. The events of Christ's birth and resurrection are central to their message. Knowing these basic things is a blessing to any and all who want that blessing. Lives are then changed and a peace not yet experienced is the result.

It is a blessing in my life to have a son who serves in such a capacity and to have been taught by missionaries myself.

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