Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl's Day Out

I am very aware of all the people who woke up very early to go shopping today and a lot more who never went to bed last night so they could go shopping at midnight. That is simply beyond my ability to understand. Elisa, Sarah, Emma and I went shopping as we do every year on the day after Thanksgiving but we didn't even leave until 9 A.M.! We went to Target first and I think there were more store employees than there were shoppers. (Not really but it sure seemed that way). Now I know the best time to shop at Target on Black Friday. :)
 We came back home by 1:45. 
We're not die hard Black Friday shoppers
but we always have a great time.
Smile girls!
(This was Sarah's IPhone and I am IPhone challenged it seems).
 Smile again ladies...
Somebody needs to tell Elisa that she has
just a tad too much self-esteem. :)
And while we were gone
Jim, Gregory, and Nathan did their own shopping.
I guess Nathan wound up in the ball pit.

I have to say... I'm tired!
But what a great Thanksgiving.

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