Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Perspective

I sent Ian a picture of the downstairs bathroom which is still a work in progress. ( I have been saying that for years now).
I loved his reply:
"are you sure that this is that same room that was downstairs? I think you took this picture in someone else's house. Way to go Dad, it only took 5 years but it turned out great" That's great perspective. What I think is taking forever, actually is not forever. It is getting done...Granted, there is no ceiling yet or outlet covers, or lights in the ceiling, and the moldings top and bottom need to be nailed on and then all the moulding and bead board needs to be painted, and there is no bathroom fan is much further along than it was a year ago! And I think it looks far.

His e-mail was short again today:
"Dearest Family,

I am not sure exactly how but I forgot to do a voice recording this week, so this week you will just have to go without, sorry. This week I had a Brazilian Thanksgiving, or in other words a non-existent thanksgiving. They don’t even have some kind of similar holiday here, but I celebrated in my own little way. I bought a box of chocolates, and I made the first ever Portuguese gratitude wall...Thank you Mom for the card and the post-its. I was going to take a picture of the wall and send it you y´all but I forgot, so It will have to wait until next week. We also had, by luck more then planning, a family home evening that night with a Brazilian BBQ, which I think could be about the Brazilian equivalent of a Thanksgiving feast, so in the end my Thanksgiving turned out well, it didn’t seem anything like Thanksgiving, but it was still good. Oh, and sorry for not sending my seven kernels of gratitude last week, I ran out of time and forgot..."

Glad to know he remembered our traditions sort of and was able to celebrate in his own way. Love him.


  1. i'm glad to know that even though all those things aren't done, there is still a ficus in the bathroom

  2. It's called the "power of positive thinking."