Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Anyone Feeding My Son?

It was great to see a picture of Ian because he doesn't send many but I looked closely at his belt and it looks like he had to move it ove FIVE notches! I will have to ask him about this. He looks OK though and it's great to see a picture. He had a short e-mail this week and said nothing about cutting his head open but his head looks intact so I guess that's a good thing. He looks happy.

"Dear Family,

Alright, we are already done with my second week here in América, and it was a pretty good week. We had  a baptism this week of a little boy who is the grandson of a member, I am sending pictures too. We also went to Londrina on Thursday because my companion had a medical consult about some warts that he has on his foot, but don´t worry, all went well, and he gets to keep his foot... I also ate a big bowl of açaí with granola, honey, and bananas and it was so freakin good! We did some divisions this week and taught a bunch, and that helped to get the zone going a bit more. We have been enjoying pretty good weather here, it is hot, but not unbearable, luckily Apucarana is one of the coolest cities in the mission."

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  1. It is good to see a picture of Ian!! By the way, on Wednesday I think, I am posting a blog post of a picture I took that makes me think of a Robert Frost poem. Maybe you will see it and love it!