Monday, November 14, 2011

"Oh, And I Cut My Head Open"

As Ian walks to the place where they have e-mail access each P-Day, he records a short voice digital message which he attaches to his e-mails for us to listen to. It's about ten minutes. They are delightful. At one point in this week's voice message he just abruptly said, "Oh, and I cut my head open this week on barbed wire." Now that's not exactly what a mother wants to hear. I guess they have barbed wire in the yard where they live now and as his new companion was telling him to watch out for the wire, he walked into it. He didn't say much about it or what the extent of it was or if he needed stitches or if he's going to die of gangrene...just that he cut his head open. I'll have to wait a week to ask for more details. Eeeesh!

"Dear Family,

So this week was the week of transfers and two things happened. I got demoted, and I got transferred to America. The mission president’s handbook explains that the most important calling in the mission is that of trainer. I was training Elder Marques and have now been demoted to Zone Leader. I was also transferred to America. América Branch here in Apucarana. Apucarana is actually about an hour away from Londrina by bus, and Maringá was about and hour and a half away by bus...So I spent most of the week in Londrina, I knew that I was gong to have to renew my visa while there but I also found out when I got there that I would go to the Leadership Council that Zone Leader have every month. I got in Londrina on Tuesday, and tues. and wed. We worked in one of the areas there and on Thursday, we had the leadership conference which was super cool. Then on Friday, I went to the federal Police and renewed my visa. I am legal now! While in Londrina, we always stay at the house of some missionaries there but I was also being transferred, so I was with all of my suitcases. They have a place in the bus station where you can guard your bags, but for 4 days, it would cost about $40 Reais. So instead of doing that I took my bags with me to the house where I would stay, and how did we get there you might ask? By bus! it was quite and experience getting on and off various buses with two heavy suitcases. Everybody gave us funny looks and I fell once getting off the bus, but I saved 40 bucks. Every once and a while you have to do crazy stuff like that on a mission...Mom, I want you to know that we are getting into summer now and I have been eating mangoes for the past five days straight. Oh joy!...All right, that just about raps it up. I bear my testimony that I know that the Church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is at the head of the Church, and that he guides us today though a living prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that this gospel brings us more joy then anything else on the earth. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and that the loves and knows every on of us.

I love you all!"

Watch out for the barbed wire Son and have a mango for me!

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