Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Power Of Covenants

"The Power Of Covenants": Someone said this phrase in church today. I have been thinking about this recently. I have been thinking about the blessings of making covenants with God and the blessings which come because of making those promises. I have also been thinking about the protection we receive because we keep them. There is protection from great sadness when we choose to keep them. I think there is a lot of opposition many times directed our way to try to get us to lay aside our covenants, but I know there is power in keeping them. There is power because God will help us when we sincerely ask Him to help us. He will bless us with strength and insight for our problems. With that strength and insight comes power. The power is the power to overcome evil with the help of the Lord who is always on our side to help us as we call on Him.

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