Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Wedding

Most of the time in our church, people choose to be married in the Temple. Only Temple sealers can perform those marriages. On a few occasions, people choose not to be married in the Temple for one reason or another. Those marriages are performed by a local Bishop and the ceremony clearly states that the couple is married until death parts them. That couple can someday choose to one day attend the Temple together and have that marriage sealed for eternity if they so desire and if they meet all the requirements for that to occur.

Jim is a Bishop
and sometimes he performs marriage ceremonies.
Jim is friends with the groom and the groom's father.
He received special permission to perform this marriage as the family requested him to do so.
This was the third marriage he has performed.
The bride was very pretty.
The groom was clearly moved when he saw her.
He actually cried more than Jim
and that's saying something!
Jim gave a few words of sweet counsel...
and then performed the ceremony.
It was all very sweet.
They made a lovely couple.
They had to sign the license and Jim had to fill
out the paper work to send to the county clerk's office.
There was much picture taking.
The bridal party was lovely.
I loved the centerpieces.
All in all...
I'd say it was a lovely evening.
This was a marriage Jim performed two years ago. 
This couple now have a baby. :)

Even though Jim is gone a lot attending to Bishop duties,
there are days like today when all is joyful.

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