Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why I Go To Church

It's a lovely day here in Utah. The weather is nice, the sun is out, I just feel better when the sun is out. It's just a nice late November day. I always look forward to going to church on Sundays. Like a good sunny day, I just feel better when I go to church. I have felt that way since I was a young girl. I like the people at church. I like the fact that everybody smiles at me and says hello. I like the fact that all of us seem to be in the same boat, the "we need church" boat. By the time I get to Sundays sometimes I feel like I need the boost that going to church gives me to strengthen me again for another week. I learn new things every week and am reminded of old things and precious truths that are simple and sweet.

This week we enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving. We also heard news of a woman pepper-spraying people in a store to get the items she wanted on Black Friday. We saw news reports of pandemonium at some Black Friday sales. We listened to news reports of Black Friday turning violent. I don't know about anybody else but these things leave me shaking my head as I wonder sometimes what is happening to society generally.

This brings me back to why I like going to church. I attend church with other people who simply want the peaceful feeling that comes with worshiping God and associating with others who also want the same thing. I am reminded by a sweet, gentle feeling as I sing hymns and listen to other people teach a lesson or give a talk that God loves me. I am reminded that He cares about my life. I am reminded that it is OK to try anew every week to be better. I am reminded that even though the news reports seem a little crazy sometimes, God knows all and that means I don't need to worry about the news.

Today we sang a few Christmas hymns. They are like old familiar friends. We dust them off every year and singing them brings us joy. I heard three talks about Christ today and why we celebrate His birth every year during December and at Christmas. The three very young men who spoke taught us gently about why the Christmas season reminds us how very much God our Heavenly Father loves us. He loved us so much that He sent us His son, Jesus Christ, to be our Savior. I think all of us need to be saved from one thing or another. As I watched and listened to two of the men tear up as they talked about the significance of this, I had that sweet, peaceful feeling confirm to me again that worshiping on Sunday is good. That feeling is healing when my heart is troubled. It is clarifying when the world seems a little bit crazy. It is rejuvenating to by body and to my spirit.

Everybody looked happier and more peaceful when we left church today. I guess that's why we all came. We're renewed for another week. God is indeed in the heavens and no matter what crazy thing we hear on the news this week, we have church to look forward to next Sunday to put everything in perspective again.

Happy Sunday.

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