Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Finally Have Time To Post

My goodness I have been busy since Christmas. It was a very good Christmas though and I have a few minutes to post a few pictures.
Elisa, Sarah, Gregory, and Nathan were
here for Christmas making it very nice.
Everyone enjoyed Nathan.
He was here for a whole week.
That made it especially nice for me
because I have always loved children.
Seth got a "shake and wake" alarm clock to help him with
his waking up concern. :)
It's been very, very nice to have Elisa around.
Here she is enjoying the annual Christmas morning 
"mountain music"
(egg/potato/sausage/bacon/cheese concoction).
 I found her quite often sitting by the fire reading.

We really had a lovely time visiting with everyone that was here. I must say I love the fragrance my husband bought me, Coco by Channel. I picked it out a few months ago and he surprised me. It is very nice. I also appreciated the gift my children gave me of a few DVD's Emma made from our old VHS tapes of when they were little. I haven't had time to watch any yet but it makes for a wonderful gift. We all went and visited Emma and Wade yesterday morning at their home because they finally made it home from their two week vacation. We missed them for Christmas but had a nice visit with them yesterday.

Jim and I have been trying to make visits with the widows in our ward. He is a thoughtful Bishop and they sincerely seem to appreciate his visits. I always enjoy going with him.

Christmas seems to zoom by at such a break neck speed and then it's over. It has been a lovely, lovely time though with my family. I feel truly blessed.

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