Saturday, December 17, 2011

Loved This

I read this in this morning's paper. I just loved the sentiment:

"The Bible on Catherine Hayter's bookshelf isn't very old, but to her, it's priceless. It was a gift from her elder sister when Hayter was just a teenager, and it has been a balm for her sorrows, a validation of her self-worth and a link to God. She doesn't let it out of her sight.

"That is where he speaks to us and guides us," she says of her prized volume as she sits at a desk in her Alabama home. "My Bible means more to me than just theology, though. It's visceral — the weight of it, the smell of it — and my notes in it … chart my relationship with God. I know where my Bible is on my shelf or desk, and it is always some place that I can see, so that I am reminded where to go when I don't know where to go." Deseret News article

Just love this. I can relate. :)

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