Wednesday, December 7, 2011

People Are Very Kind

I have been very busy with little time to stop. I had a lovely birthday yesterday. I was very touched by all the phone calls and many e-mails I received. A few people dropped by with gifts as well. I am amazed by the level of thoughtfulness some people have. One woman dropped a beautiful card off on my doorstep at 6:00 a.m. It is probably the prettiest birthday card I have ever seen. Another friend came Monday night with a bowl of white chocolate covered popcorn with cinnamon. Who would ever think to do that combo? It was very, very, very good. My sisters called me from out of state and my dear friend from Taiwan who shares the same exact birthday with me called from California. Every year we talk on our birthdays lamenting how old we are this year. I heard from my daughters who are all moved away now. I loved every phone call. I especially liked it when Elisa called and her entire homeroom was singing Happy Birthday to me. I also enjoyed the video chat with Sarah and Nathan.

Jim and I went to Seth's concert last night after a nice dinner.
He went to work late and came home early...nice guy.
Seth is a part of two choirs.
He's a good singer.
He gets that from Jim's side of the family.
When the concert was over I heard 
singing from the people on stage.
They were singing Happy me.
Seth arranged it.
Thanks Seth.
That will be a fond memory.

I did enjoy this e-mail exchange throughout the day yesterday:

"Everybody!  Today is mom's birthday.  That means she is Person Of The Day!

I love mom because she dealt with morning sickness FIVE TIMES.  Without drugs. And because she did the newborn sleep deprived stage five times.  Wow, she loves us a lot.  Also, because of all the awesome traditions in our house like family dinner, FHE, gardening, and Christmas traditions like the fireplace party, Granato's and lasagna on Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning.  Love you mom!!!!" (From Sarah)

"I like MRS. F because she accepted me and let me marry her lovely daughter. I also like her because when I'm in need of a good laugh I can convince her that I went to prison for a little while and she had to call Aunt Holley to get a background check done on me... SO HILARIOUS!!! She takes my advice when it comes to buying toys (TV), I hear it's awesome looking and I need to come check it out here soon :)... Love you Liz for giving my my EMMA'S!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ, Have a wonderful DAY :)" (From Wade)

"I like Mom because she always makes the people around her feel welcomed and important. I love hanging out with her and listening to her thoughts. I love that she does hard things and does them to the best of her ability....her example has been vital to me during my college experience. Mom is a selfless person, her life is centered on serving others, especially her family. Her example has taught me not only how to be a good wife to my good husband, but she has given me the tools I need to be an effective and loving teacher. The sacrifices Mom (and Dad) have made for me are almost unfathomable, I cannot begin to express my gratitude.

Happiest of birthdays Mom....I hope it's spectacular :) Love, love, love you!  (From Emma)

"I like Mrs. F because she feeds me, listens to me, let's me pop over whenever I want, counsels me, and is overall a great person.  She always has a smile." (From Chris Ruoti, an almost son).

"I like mom because she usually answers my phone calls and just lets me ramble." (From Elisa)

"I like mom because she does my laundry, and makes me food, and lets me use the car, and she gave birth to me (which I really appreciate). Pretty much she is just great!!! :)" (From Seth)

What more could someone possibly ask for than for people you love who love you back and treat you with such kindness?
Now here's a unique idea for a birthday cake if I ever saw one!!!

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  1. Oh Liz, I just love you. I thought about you all day on your birthday (too bad I couldn't channel those thoughts to you so you would have known. :) )

    I am so glad it was wonderful!