Monday, January 16, 2012

Just A Little Bit

"Dear Family,

One more week that absolutely flew by, full of sun, rain, conferences and activities....We had some pretty crazy weather here this week. We had two days that had a constant, light rain but it was great because it cooled down a whole bunch and one of the days was almost cold. We got a little bit wet, but that is nothing of the ordinary....We did an activity called "the night of chocolate" at the house of one of the members...I also gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday about "sacrifice in the service of the Lord."...Love you all!"

There's more of course from this week's e-mail but I think names of people and their private circumstances should be kept off a public blog. I'm trying to be respectful to everyone involved.

I have just one thought though...this "night of chocolate" thing. I definitely think that's something that should be instituted here in America, whatever it is. :) He sounds well and happy and like he's working hard. What more can I ask for?

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