Sunday, January 29, 2012


Recently the new Calgary Temple, which is under construction,
got it's steeple. The statue of the angel Moroni
was placed on top of the steeple,
the same statue which is on all Temples.
This is significant to Mormons. 
We love to see our Temples and we love
to see Moroni with his trumpet.
He faces east, the same direction we are told that Christ
will appear again when he returns for His second coming. 
Angels will sound trumpets when He comes again.
Gregory grew up in Calgary.
 I've been there. It's a nice city.
I guess a lot of people showed up the morning 
the statue was placed on top of the Temple.
And it looks like it was on the news.
Our Temples would be missing something
if Moroni wasn't on top.
He reminds us that we are all preparing to see Christ again 
someday whether in this life or the next.
Different temples,
same message...
 Families are important to us.
Temples are important places of sacred worship.
Families can be sealed together forever in God's holy Temple.
As it should be.
That's why missionaries leave home for so long
to teach the gospel to any who are interested.
It's a great work. 
Baptism is the first step.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is a great message for the world.
Life is hard sometimes
but God has such a great plan of happiness.
That's what missionaries teach.
And Temple blessings are a big part of the plan.
It's a wonder many people got up in the cold to see
Moroni placed on top of the Calgary Temple.
It means so much to so many.

God is so good to His children.

  "All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, 
see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; 
and when he bloweth a trumpet
hear ye."
Isaiah 18:3


  1. You can't see us in these photos, but Yogi and I were there at the Temple two weeks ago when Moroni was placed on top! It was an amazingly emotional experience. For those of you who live so close to so many Temples, I must tell you that you are spoiled! We are going to be so thrilled to have a Temple just 25 minutes from our house, compared to the 2.5 hour one-way drive to Cardston!

    And you hat doesn't LOOK crooked to me!

  2. My hat wasn't crooked in this picture. :)

    Keep us updated happy for you all in Calgary.