Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Song For A Baptism

Our family has a family tradition we do at the baptism of our family members. It started because Jim's sister's family sang the song at their baptisms and it trickled down to our family. I found the following clip of a video I took of Emma and Jim's other sister Holley practicing the song for Wade's baptism. Wade is Emma's husband and he converted to our Church while he and Emma were dating. It's a beautiful song and Emma and Holley's voices are so wonderful. It always makes me cry when I hear it. The text comes from the Book of Mormon where many came to the "Waters of Mormon" to be baptized. See Mosiah 18:8-10 

I love the way the song teaches the point that when a person is baptized, he or she lays down their burden and becomes a new person as they choose to follow Christ.

“Here, By the Water So Clear”
Words & Music by Steven Kapp Perry

“Jesus taught at the Jordan,
Making people whole.
“Except ye be born of the water and spirit,”
Ye cannot enter the door.

There by the waters of Mormon,
People came to bring
The fruits of repentance;
A heart truly broken,
Immersed in the silent spring.
How grateful they were to be buried with Him;
How great was their joy to arise!
Receiving His spirit of light.

Clear as the waters of Mormon,
Bright as the Jordan’s flow.
So are the waters that now rise around me,
Cleansing my willing soul.
How grateful I am to be buried with Him;
How great is my joy to arise!
Receiving His spirit of light.

Here, where I lay down my burden;
Here, by the water so clear.”

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