Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time For A Story

There are a couple of "near-miss stories" I've been meaning to write but I never get around to it. So here's goes.

When Elisa was three or four and Sarah was one or two, we endured a very scary "near-miss" with their lives. One day when I was putting hair curlers in my hair (of all things), Elisa and Sarah were standing in their bedroom watching men cut down a tree across the alley from them. They were standing the entire time right at the window watching intently . The window faced a small alley by the side of the house. The tree was directly across from their window. The men seemed competent and the girls watched as children would do when something exciting like that was happening. (Exciting to children their age that is).

I distinctly remember saying to myself, "if something goes wrong, that tree could come right through their window." Looking back on that, I don't believe that was my own thought but a prompting by a caring God to help me get them out of the way. Well, I was half way done with the curlers and I did not act fast enough or smart enough and sure enough, I heard an enormous crash. I immediately figured I would hear screaming and someone would have died. I went to see what had happened and miraculously, one of the girls (I think it was Elisa), had just stepped outside the room into the kitchen and Sarah had gone to the far corner of the very small room. The tree crashed through the window and there was glass everywhere and the window frame was also smashed. Neither child was hurt in the least and I have no doubt whatsoever that divine providence intervened to spare the lives of my children. I still remember Sarah just standing there facing the wall furthest away from the window not moving and surrounded by glass. I told her not to move and I went in and got her out.

One of the men working on the tree rang the doorbell and with an ashen look on his face and fearing the worst, asked me who had been hurt. I invited him in to my home and he was just as astonished as I was that the girls were not hurt. He said he saw them watching him the whole time and figured one or both had been seriously hurt. We were amazed, literally amazed, and knew that God had protected them. The man was extremely kind and of course cleaned up all the glass and within a short time arranged to have the repairs done on the window.

I have thought of this story many times over the years. I can still see Elisa and Sarah standing there in front of the window watching the men cut the tree down. I can still remember thinking to myself that that the tree could come through the window but dismissing the idea. I still am grateful in unspeakable ways that God protected and preserved my children, because I know He did.

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