Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time To Learn Some Polish

I went to the genealogy library this morning to do a little research. Last week my Mom found a document that told us that my great great grandfather came from Krakow' Poland. That is quite significant. I have been working on my Golgoski (Golgowski) family line on an off for 16 years. It was only last week however that we were able to narrow down the city he came from. We knew he was Polish but that was as far as we ever got.

I talked with a person from Poland who helps library patrons with their Polish genealogy. She was very, very helpful and pointed me in the right direction. She was born and raised in Poland and came to the U.S. when she was 29. Another woman from my ward went with me and was also extremely helpful. She helped me understand how to look through records on microfilm and helped me find some Polish language helps. It was interesting to look through a roll of Polish microfilm from a Catholic parish from 1810-1813. The documents were lengthy and of course I couldn't read them but I was able to pick out some key things as time went on. I found an index of names and I could gather that I was looking at birth records. The Polish language did not seem to be any deterrent to me. It certainly looks much, much easier than Chinese and I suspect with a little time and a little study, I should be able to pick out enough to make a dent in the records until I find my great, great grandfather's birth or marriage record. Now there's a great goal. :)
This is a picture of my great, great grandfather
Bartholomew Golgoski 
taken in 1911 when he was 98 years old.
This is one of his granddaughters, Matilda Leopold age 18.
This is his son, my great grandfather John Golgoski.

I'll keep looking....

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