Sunday, January 1, 2012

Turn Your Face Towards The Sun

Today was a really good church day. I had helpful thoughts running through my mind the entire time I was there about different ways I could set a goal, improve on a goal I set a long time ago, avoid harmful traps, how not to waste my time, how not to take for granted or waste the talents God has given me, and how to change for the better. I left feeling so good.

One man who spoke mentioned at the end of his talk to "turn your face toward the SON." He was referring to Christ and turning towards Him in this new year as a reminder that when setting goals, that would be the most important one.

After last year's dramatically long, snow-filled winter of never ending snow and cold, we experienced the driest ever December in Salt Lake's history. We only had a wisp or two of snow. I thought it was great quite frankly. We did have a nasty, nasty inversion that I truly hate but the last few days we have had beautiful sunshine again. It's just enough to perk me up from my winter doldrums. In December and January I frequently find myself sitting on my window seat in the sun (when we have it) or in the chair in the living room facing the sun. It just makes me feel better. I read a quote the other day I had never heard before about Italian women that alluded to the fact that Italian women are known for needing the sun. Now I know where I get that from.

The man that spoke this morning was referring to the SON of God, Christ our Savior. I love the analogy. Everything is better, happier, more peaceful, and just right as we turn our faces...and lives...towards Him.

A great thought to start a new year.

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