Friday, February 3, 2012

A Different Kind Of Friday Night Date

I was looking forward to a Friday night date tonight. Jim and I went to Rumbi Island Grill for dinner, I love that place. Then we drove down to IKEA. Jim had never been there. I have been there once. It's  a bit overwhelming for me because it's SO huge. Once is probably enough for Jim.

We were on our way home and I thought we had a great date because it wasn't a date to the Home Depot. :)

We were almost home when we got a call from Seth. "Mom, uh, I ran into a house and cut my head open." After five kids and many cut heads I thought I was done with this stuff. "Is it bleeding Seth?" "Yeah, a lot... here Shanon's Dad wants to talk to you." Seth was at Shanon's house for her 18th birthday party. Shanon's Dad told me Seth lost quite a bit of blood and it looked like he needed stitches. He gave us directions to his house. When the Dad gets on the phone you know it's serious.

We found the house and I found Seth on a couch surrounded by several very excited friends. Shanon's parents told us they cleaned up quite a bit of blood. Sure enough, it was obvious that Seth needed stitches. On the way out of their home Seth reenacted the head smacking into the wall by the front door. Eeeesh.

Oh the drama...
It was too deep for the glue they sometimes use.
After about 45 minutes or so
Seth had a clean wound,
seven stitches,
antibiotic ointment, 
a band-aid,
a life long wound to scar
front and center on his forehead
...and a headache.
One of
our more memorable 
Friday night dates I'd say.

I thought I was done with kids and stitches,
I guess not. :)


  1. How does one go and run into a HOUSE?! bahahahaha

  2. Thank goodness for stitches! It all looks neat and tidy for the photo! It seems like moms and dads never graduate from being moms and dads. They will always be there to help out-- at least for a long time!