Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Dreaded Dentist Visit

I am happy to say that we all like our dentist a lot. We've been going to the same dentist since Seth was a baby. We had a lot of dentists before the one we have now but I'd never dream of changing, he's excellent in every way and he's been very good with my kids over the years. Seth and I were reminiscing on the way home how we all used to go together. That's when we went as six or seven of us at a time. The waiting room was overrun with my loud children but for some reason you would have thought we took them out for ice cream or something because it was always like a "party at the dentist" time...crazy.

I have to say the best compliment I have had in a long time came from the hygienist today as she was taking my x-rays. She said, "Your mouth is so small this is hard to do." She said my mouth is MUCH smaller than most people. How can you not love a comment like that?! I think there might be many people lined up to offer their differing opinions on that one. :)

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  1. I'm disappointed. You blogged about us going to the dentist's and you didn't include a link to this video....