Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I'm Moving Out In Six Months"

That comment, said with a look of tremendous glee, was said a few hours after the long awaited news from BYU. Seth got his acceptance letter today from BYU. He'll start there the same day Ian comes home from his mission (I think). I'm happy for Seth. It's tough to get into BYU and that was his only choice. He is so happy.

Somewhere in the last few hours though, all our lives changed a bit. Seth realizes he's soon flying away from the nest and he likes that idea...I am coming to terms however with the understanding that his joyful news means that my nest will really be empty when he goes.


  1. Well, just think, your empty nest means more room for grandbabies to play. :). Incase Elisa hasn't said anything, I am expecting my own little baby August 26th!! :) Then when Elisa comes to town I can even bring a little one over to play! ;)

  2. Amy Jo, you just made my whole day!!!! I'm so happy for you and I'm so happy for Joe. You will be a good Mom, lucky baby. Congratulations!!!! Happy, Happy Happy!!!!!

    Can I sort of be an adopted Grandma? :)