Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Opportunity To Serve A Mission Is Wonderful"

"Dear Family,

Cracker Capitol of Brazil, sounds exciting right? But it really is a great city, I don’t really know why, but almost every city here is known for something. My last area was the baseball cap capitol, and here they make a lot of food. I arrived here in Marília safe and sound on Tuesday night, and I am now serving in the Iguatemy ward with Elder L...I think I told you this before but I already lived with Elder Maringá and we were trained by the same missionary. I am very exited to work here with Elder L..., we are already good friends and he is a great missionary and this is one of the best areas in the mission. This is going to be a great transfer. Things are going great here; we had a baptism this week... the girlfriend of the member of our ward. She read the whole Book of Mormon in 2 weeks!...It was a great baptism and there were a bunch of members there to support.

Our Zone has 11 companionships making it one of the biggest in the mission (there is one other zone that has 11 companionships). We also have two areas in other cities and two companionships of sisters.... We are also living in a four[some], the house is good and clean but the water always runs out. It’s not that big of a deal.

We had a great week, we are already seeing that the Lord is blessing us a lot, we found a lot of good new investigators almost every day... It has been quite hot, this area is quite a bit hotter then in Apucarana but summer should start to wind down here pretty soon so the intense heat wont be for long.

I am out of time again but I bear my testimony that the Church is true, I know that God loves us very much. I know that the opportunity to serve a mission is wonderful, the things that I am learning here I couldn’t ever learn any other way. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be able to dedicate a small part of my life to help other people. I know that Christ lives and that He love us, this is His church."

Last week I mentioned to Ian in my e-mail that he was hitting his "six months to go" mark in February. He e-mailed back and said, "I have seven months Mom, don't cut my time short." I well remember what it was like to see my mission time slipping away in front of me. At this point in the mission, gone are the early days of homesickness and loneliness. The language is no longer a problem and the sheer joy of missionary work seems like a constant companion. I'm happy for Ian. I am happy he is happy. Just look at this picture he sent. That's the joy of service written all over his face. Love him. Miss him.

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