Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Home Evening

We are faithful Family Home Evening holders in our house. If I can point to one thing that has without a doubt been a big blessing in our family, it has been consistently having Family Home Evenings on Monday nights. (I'd give us a 95% overall because every once in a blue moon for one reason or another, we miss it). That's a lot of Family home Evenings. We have had many, many deep discussions over the years about a lot of things, particularly the Gospel and all aspects of it. The last few years we came up with a much better way to plan FHE. We plan out three months at a time. We try to look at what needs our family has, what kind of things we as parents think we need to be teaching our children, try to plan some fun activities, and look at what the kids might want to do. It is a successful formula. After that planning night, I type up the schedule and post it where everyone can see it. When Monday rolls around, we just look at the plan that's posted and it makes it really easy.

Tonight we finished the latest round of scheduled FHE's. In the last two months, we have had a mission prep sewing night where I taught Seth how to sew on a button, hem a pair of pants, repair a necktie, and fix two different kinds of rips in a shirt-one along a seam and one random tear. Elisa showed up for another FHE night when it just so happened we had scheduled a missionary prep cooking lesson. She's a Home Ec. teacher and she taught Seth how to make two different kind of meals. They were excellent! We had a scripture based lesson evening, a family walk evening which we always enjoy, an evening where Seth simply wanted us to tell him about life lessons we have learned over the years and another one where he wanted to learn about Priesthood responsibilities in relation to the welfare plan of the church. FHE has without a doubt been a great blessing in our lives.

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed tonight's FHE. Tomorrow is Jim's birthday and we scheduled a birthday dinner at a restaurant to celebrate. When we scheduled it, I didn't know the new City Creek Center would be open. We went to The Cheesecake Factory there for dinner. Let me tell was FABULOUS! Cheesecake has always been one of my very favorite desserts. Add some whipped cream and well...we all know how I feel about whipped cream.

Here's some pictures from tonight's FHE.
After dinner we walked around the malls and Temple Square.
 The cherry trees were in full bloom and they were spectacular!
We needed to walk around because this was
 the display case of the cheesecake selections that greeted us.
 I had a mango key lime slice.
I can't even describe how good it was. :)
Seth had raspberry lemon which was also great
and Jim got a Godiva chocolate slice.
The meals were also very good.
Jim's not much of a shopper.
I was having a GREAT time however. :)
City Creek Center has great fountains.
Seth not only played in the fountain 
but he rode the escalators like a kid does.
Maybe he was just helping me ease
 into being an emptynester soon.
Great fountains.
The whole thing is so well done 
and it's just right across the street from the Temple.
It was such a nice evening.
The tulips are blooming on Temple Square and the 
smell of the hyacinths was quite intoxicating.
Spring has sprung all over the place!!

I'd call that a great Family Home Evening
even if it wasn't at home. :)


  1. I LOVE THOSE PICTURES. I think I will be hopefully making a trip to temple square with my camera in the very near future. I feel like everything is blooming (including myself, I officially can't fit into normal pants anymore and sit down.) I have been enjoying a cute maternity skirt all week and loving that the weather was great to wear it in. :)

  2. I couldn't be happier for you AmyJo. What a nice time in your life.