Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New City Creek Center

Our downtown has been pretty much torn up the last four or five years. The city planners called it "Downtown Rising." The project had a massive price tag, about 1.5 billion dollars I think. It involved demolishing two malls and a bunch of other structures and starting from ground zero to rebuild our downtown. Today was the grand opening of the completed project. It seems like downtown has been torn up forever. The news hype about this project has been extensive and relentless the last few days. I was downtown this morning for something else and I met up with Jim about 10:30 this morning. Everywhere we went there were huge crowds. They were expecting about 50,000 people per day for the next three days. From what I can see, everything appears to be very, very well done. The City Creek which flows down from a mountain canyon in my neighborhood runs right through the middle of the project. It makes the atmosphere really wonderful. There are several nice fountains as well but this natural creek is just beautiful. Jim and I of course went and got some chocolate and walked the length of the project but didn't stay long. I think we'll go back when the crowds die down.
I have to say, this gal whoever she was, did an amazing job just standing there as a statue. I did a double take when I realized she was a real person.
The creek makes a wonderful statement.
 Well done,
I look forward to going back.

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  1. It has a Tiffany & Co. I am so excited!!!! :) I am glad you snapped some photos. It is impressive that statue is a real person. Cool!