Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures That Speak for Themselves

Elisa, who is always a delight, was here last evening for a little bit. She bought a used IPad2 from her good friend who bought a new one. She only had a few minutes to play with it and this is a picture she took with it. These are one of the many pair of reading glasses I have stashed all around the house.
It's "spirit week" this week at Seth's high school. It's an entire week of different activities intended to build spirit at the school. My kids have looked forward to spirit week every year as one of the highlights of their year. Yesterday was "nerd day" and everybody was supposed to dress like a nerd.
I'd say Seth pulled that one off very well. :)

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  1. You two are very cute and Seth makes a really convincing nerd. I especially like the Rubics cube.