Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Is Here!

Well.... not exactly according to the calendar, but it is according to the warm weather we have been having and the sprouting spring flowers coming up everywhere. I went to the genealogy library today but after two hours had a slight headache so I decided to take a walk on Temple Square to see what flowers were blooming. There were scads and scads of deep blue/purple crocuses in bloom on the south side of the temple. They were so lovely. They were in mounds and I was quite surprised to see how many there were.

I like crocuses. They remind me that after a cold, dark winter... new life and deliverance from gloomy winter darkness emerges with each new spring. Being delivered from darkness and evil is also one of the recurring themes found in the scriptures. That deliverance comes because of Christ. I looked at the crocuses today and thought how appropriate it was that they were right next to the temple, the other symbol of hope and deliverance from darkness...and a place of sure peace.

I walked on the temple grounds and sat down for a while right near the spot where Emma and Wade had a lot of their wedding pictures taken. That was just  a short 1  1/2 years ago. That was such a pretty day.
It was also a great day. The crocuses I saw today were right near these doors where this picture was taken. So much hope because of a new spring, so much hope because of the temple. Emma and Wade's hope is that they will have each other for eternity.
This is my favorite picture from that day. Everybody was so happy. I love knowing that Emma is mine for eternity because of the special blessings available in the temple which seals and binds people together forever. What a great thing for a mother to have that hope for the children she loves and cherishes so much. That's not only a hope but it is also the sure promise we have... as we all continue to try to live worthy of those blessings.
Mounds of beautiful crocuses reminding us of Christ's redeeming deliverance in our lives, right near the temple which reminds us of God's great love for us.

 Those are two great images to hold onto.
Happy Spring. :)

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