Thursday, March 1, 2012


Emma's birthday is tomorrow. She's student teaching in a junior high ESL (English as a second language)  class close to where we live. Jim's first cousin works there as an English teacher and we arranged with her to surprise Emma. They don't have school tomorrow so we had to do it today.
She was TOTALLY surprised
kind of crying a little,
kind of hyperventilating a little.
That's her site teacher supervisor on the right.
She was in on it but kept it a surprise.
I took pictures of Emma's students
but I can't post them on the blog.
They loved the whole thing
and everybody got birthday cake.
We went at the end of her class period
then we took Emma and her site teacher to lunch
 at the restaurant next door to the school.
So fun.
This is Jim's cousin Adrianna who helped us pull it off.

Happy Birthday Emma tomorrow!
Love you.
We are such cool parents... :)

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