Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Way to A Man's Heart...

In my husband's case, that would be by providing some excellent meatballs and fabulous sauce and spaghetti for dinner with some ice cream for desert. We've been eating very healthy lately but it's Jim's birthday today and he is now a very happy man.

Here are a few snippets from the e-mail "Person of the Day" tradition comments provided by family:

From me: "Happy 53rd Birthday to Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Dad (Jim) because he's a manly man who understands the role of being a man and does a very good job of taking care of me on many levels. He's a nice husband, a good father, a caring Bishop, and my loyal friend. He is the kindest man I have ever known. Love him."

From Elisa: "I like Dad because we watch TV until late at night and he taught me to paint and he taught me to fix a bathtub and plumb a toilet."

From Emma: "I like dad because according to mom we basically look the same......so apparently he saves me trips to the mirror? (har har har) But for realz (yes with a 'z'), I like dad because the man knows how to party. Late night TV watching with that guy is awesome."

From Sarah: "I like Dad because he is funny, loving, slow to anger, and he makes a mean mountain music.  I have many many fond memories of time with Dad when I was little.  Like when he would feed us popcorn for dinner.  Awesome. I have also been a fan of the late night tv parties. Father daughter bonding time. "

From Gregory: "I like Jim because he's jovial.  He is entertained by simple things, and loves to laugh and be in a good mood.  It's refreshing."

From Chris (like a son to us): "I like Jim because he lets me come over and eat all of his ice cream.  He is a very kind and humble man to let a growing boy eat his food.  He is smart and when I talk engineering he knows what I'm saying.  He is a good example."

From Wade: "I need to get me some of that late night TV watching in with Jim (Father-in-law/son-in-law bonding time)... I like Jim because he gave me life's most precious gift, a loving wife. He has always been kind and giving, he likes my sarcastic humor, and he is an awesome Father-in-law. Love you Jim :D."

Now mind you, I've apparently been missing those late night parties all these years because I'm an "early to bed, early to rise kind of gal."  And can I just say for the record that popcorn for dinner is not something I exactly approve of...  :)

Still waiting on Seth's comments. 

Happy Birthday Jim.
 You are a loved man.

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  1. I love him too,because he is the most Christlike man I know. He's shy, but doesn't let that stop him from interacting lovingly. He's a great father and husband from my observation,and certainly a transcendent brother.