Thursday, April 5, 2012

Belated Posts

I didn't get to post Ian's e-mail this week because I was gone. He rarely sends pictures and his e-mails are extremely short these days. At this point, I'll just wait until he gets home to ask him all my questions. :) He looks good though.
This is a picture of his zone. I like one of his comments in this week's e-mail : "I know that God is working by our side for the salvation of his children. I love this Gospel." Wonderful comment.

Seth finally weighed in on his person of the day comment for Jim's birthday: "Sorry I am late guys, I love Dad because he is such a good man, and he taught me  to become who I am. I love his kindness and strength, and I try to have those things."

I love my sons. I am a blessed woman being granted the privilege of being their mother.


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