Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Sometimes I am a bad blogger. Sometimes I forget to blog and then people remind me that I've been slacking. Once again, my hats off to bloggers who blog for a living. I couldn't do it.

The weather here in Utah has been delightful the past few days. Like the rest of the country, we are enjoying warmer than normal temperatures. It made for a spectacular Easter weekend.
 Elisa and Jim in Memory Grove.

On Saturday afternoon, we attended the baptism of one of Seth's very good friends. The service started at our ward building.
 About 100 people then walked a short distance to
 Memory Grove where the baptism took place.
All the fonts in the buildings close to our ward were not available for one reason or another and Seth's friend had his heart set on being baptized in the the City Creek which flows right downtown. I have to say, it was as pretty a spot as one could imagine.
They say the water was cold but not too bad. 
The weather was perfect for the occasion.
People lined both banks of the creek and 
it was as nice a baptism as I can remember.
 I snapped this shot as we were walking 
back to the church to finish the service.
It was a very memorable baptism.

That made for the start of a lovely two days. Easter Sunday was a beautiful day as well although I didn't take any pictures. I've always enjoyed Easter Sunday services because of all it means for the Christian world. It's nice to take time to celebrate. The rest of my family came for dinner later that day. Nathan seems to like sitting in a high chair where he can see everyone during dinner. It was wonderful to have my whole family here to celebrate the day and each other.

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