Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Found This

Seth uses my computer sometimes. I found this as a Word document the other day left on my computer. I don't know what he was writing it for. I'm not sure if it was for his seminary class or for a scout something or other. I was deeply touched however when I read it. Seth is 17. He plans on being a missionary in about a year and a half. He will spend two years of his life sharing the following testimony with those who will be willing to open their heart to him as a missionary. I am quite humbled to know that my son knows where the source of strength is for his life and that he understands it on a deep level.

"I know that Christ’s atonement is real because I have felt it work in my life. Christ’s atonement has the power not only to cleanse us from sin, but to change our natures. I have felt the atonement change my heart, so that I have no more desire to sin, but to do good continually. I could not have done that on my own; my desire for certain sins is literally gone, which is a wonderful blessing. I have felt my wrongs being washed away, and felt the joy of being clean. As I have felt these changes, I have also felt some of the love Christ has for me, and for all of Heavenly Father’s children. Feeling the love of the Savior has brought me the greatest joy and peace that I have experienced in my life. This love motivates me to keep His commandments and try to serve Him and those around me. This love motivates me to put Christ at the center of my life, and try to live as He did. I can feel this love whenever I try to draw near to Heavenly Father and Christ by being more sincere in my prayers and scripture study, and trying to obey Them and be close to the Spirit. Christ is my shepherd, He is my Savior, and He is my Redeemer. I know that He lives, that He loves us more than we can understand, and that His atonement is real. When we draw near unto Christ, we will find Him, and He can make us whole. We can become new creatures in Christ, and become men and women of God; we can become instruments in the hand of God to do good, and find joy therein."

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