Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Near Drowning

Sometimes you never know when you will receive difficult news. Early last evening, Jim's sister called to tell us that Jim's dad was in a boating accident yesterday afternoon. His dad loves to fish and once again he was in a boat with his best friend fishing when things took an unexpected turn for the worse. According to accounts from my mother-in-law, a strong microburst wind suddenly tipped the boat over and my father-in-law and his friend were tossed out into freezing water. When the friend reached my father-in-law, he said he thought he was dead. His head was under the water, he was unresponsive, he was not breathing and he was blue. The friend tried hard to get him back in the boat but couldn't. He kept slapping his face and talking to him in a firm manner telling him he couldn't die on him because he was his best friend. He found a way to secure Jim's dad with a rope under one arm with his head out of the water and somehow maneuvered the boat (or something like that) to get the attention of another boat for help. He surely helped saved my father-in-law's life. They got my father-in-law to the shore where an ambulance was waiting. He was then life flighted to the nearest trauma center. He managed to somehow sputter out some water and answer a few questions somewhat coherently as he was fighting to breathe. When he got to the hospital, his core body temperature was 91 degrees. He is currently on a ventilator in an ICU. My good husband is with him and my mother-in-law. The doctors say it will be 2-3 more days until they know if he will survive but they did have some hopeful signs this morning.

Difficulties and tragedies like this are tough. As I waited word last night and tried to coordinate communications for my children, I was grateful for prayer. Many friends said they were praying for my father-in-law and my husband and our family. Those prayers mean a lot. Seth and I knelt down to offer a prayer. I said, "Seth, you hold the Priesthood, will you please say the prayer?" He offered the sweetest, most thoughtful, most genuine prayer on his grandfather's behalf and for his grandmother and our family that I was overcome by how beautifully mature his words were. He truly understands how to seek the blessings of God and exercise faith according to God's will.

I'll update the blog as the day (days) progress and we will all wait upon the Lord and His tender mercies.


  1. I will make sure to include Jim's dad in my prayers as well. What a brave best friend he has.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. Claire mentioned late last night that Sarah had posted on Facebook that her grandfather had been in an accident. I assumed it was a car accident. We have been thinking about and praying for him ever since. My prayers will be more detailed now... Pls know and tell Jim that we are thinking of his Dad, Mom and all of his family. I am so impressed with his Dad's friend.