Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was so sad to learn today that the man I visited on Sunday passed away this morning. The last thing I did when I left him on Sunday was take his hand in both of my hands and tell him I loved him. He was very, very sick. He was hospitalized on Monday and was in considerable pain until his passing. We talked about significant things when I was there Sunday and I did the best I could within the limits and bounds I had to prepare him for his inevitable passing. I will miss him. He fought a valiant fight with his battle against cancer. He was a very good man. Jim and I went to visit his wife this afternoon to offer support; she is doing quite well. It was a tender meeting. She was the one who called me Sunday afternoon and told me to come right away that her husband needed me and I had a long talk with her after I said goodbye to him. I am grateful I could have been of some small service to this wonderful family. I've been teary-eyed today since learning this sad news.
 I picked these tulips and hyacinths from my yard this morning.
 The man who passed today loved planting flowers
 and his yard was full of them.

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