Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teenagers Today Think THEY Have It Hard!!!

I am somewhat hesitant to post this picture but my sister Bernadette asked if she could post it on Facebook and that's the end of trying not to post it! I was 13 in this picture. 13 year olds are VERY self-conscious. My grandfather had a retirement banquet we needed to attend and we were supposed to wear something formal. My Mom bought us these dresses. They are OK, no complaints there. It's the HAIR issue that I am still traumatized by to this day!! My Mom brought me to a beauty salon. DON'T ask me what she asked them to do to me. All I know is I complained non-stop about whatever they did to my hair. It was the 70's after all and that's traumatic in and of itself. I distinctly remember walking through Woolworth with her on the way to the car. I kept trying to get her to understand how much I hated my hair and to tell her that EVERYBODY was looking at me. I still remember how she stopped short, turned to me and with anger in her voice, said, "Elizabeth, the whole world does not have time to stop and look at you." I can still hear those words in my head from time to time.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people all over the world that look at this blog and those words have new meaning now! And...why did Bernadette have normal 70's hair? What's up with that? That's a New York Italian photo if I ever saw one. :)

I'm still traumatized.

And teenagers today think THEY have it hard!!


  1. Hellooooo....I was 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!

  2. I just love this picture. It brings back memories of Poppy's retirement party. Your hair wasn't any different than other girls of the.............60's. Wait, it was the 70's. Just teasing you. Love the dresses still to this day. And my goodness we all look Italian in this picture!

  3. It's because we were in a group. :) Thank goodness for mousse and hairspray, that's all I have to say. I suppose I should be comforted somewhat though because the gal that cuts my hair, who has been cutting it for the last 23 years, can't even style it herself, she just cuts it and I go home and style it myself. She tried to style it once AND I got a "do" kind of like this picture, sort of. She does give me a great cut though and I wouldn't trust anybody else because I've seen what happens too many times! She has it down to a science these days. Love Ya, mean it.

  4. does that mean I'm not Italain without the rest of you? lol And regarding your hair, the good Lord blessed you putting you in SLC where you always have a "good hair day" ;) so glad you sent me this picture. I love it <3

  5. You're right hair and humidity is as bad as it gets!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness I live where the humidity is always low even if I feel like a dried out prune most of the time. :)