Sunday, April 29, 2012

Too Amazing For Words

Here are some snippets of the e-mails regarding my father-in-law’s progress:

Jim’s sister spoke with Jim’s dad's doctor yesterday morning, and asked why he has so little strength…He said, "Well, your dad is a legend already!  Some Boy Scouts were on a tour in the hospital, and the fire chief was telling them the story of your dad being rescued, how he'd had to dead-weight lift 'this really big guy' out of the water, hypothermia, actually dead, and then begin to resuscitate him…Your dad's had a miracle, and if he weren't such a strong man to begin with, he would not have survived.  It was too cold, too severe a shock for normal folks…He is doing better than anyone we've ever seen in his age group, and that is because he's such a powerful man… Your dad is the exception that proves a miracle.”

From Sarah: “Oh I'm so happy.  I asked for clarification…if Grandpa was actually dead and then resuscitated, and here's what (Jim’s sister) said:  "Yes. He was dead for a while, but since he'd been 'flash frozen' first, they were able to revive him. When the EMTs got to him, he had no vital signs, and a core temperature of 91 degrees.”

“A report from Jim’s sister: “Dad had a really great night last night! He slept a good 7 hours straight. His coughing was down significantly, he took two walks yesterday, and can independently roll onto his side to adjust his comfort. These are all quite positive things. He seems to be in good spirits, able to joke, ask questions, ask how each of you are.”  

Today: “Dad's doing even better today. His lungs are still crackly but clearing, strength increasing, and his spirits are high. Really remarkable progress. He walked this morning (with a walker and a PT lady) down the hall, then walked without the walker for 2 minutes. He is working on the getting in and out of bed unassisted skill set now….We are very happy to see this much progress, when at first the doctors were saying he'd be weeks in the hospital, and months healing. Still might have months of some rehab ahead.” “The doctor said he's calculated Dad was dead for about 24 of the 70+ minutes he was in the water, and shakes his head about the recovery he's watching. 

Later today: “The Dr. says he's planning on sending Dad home tomorrow. Thanks for the love and prayers coming his way. It's been an amazing week, a week of miracles. Dad says to tell each of you thank you for your prayers and support.”

This afternoon-Jim’s Mom “He had a really long walk and is doing exercise without any physical therapist."

Stay tuned… :)

God is so very, very good. I think it's OK to repeat that!


  1. WOW, what a week you've had! I'll keep him in my prayers, too! Lord bless you all!