Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The friend that saved my father-in-law came to visit him today in the ICU. He clarified the story of the accident. Apparently the boat never tipped over. A strong microburst wind came up indicating a storm so the men tried to steer the boat to safety. My father-in-law was in the back of the boat sitting on some sort of propped up chair. A weird, large wave swell kicked up by the microburst wind caused the boat to crash up over the wave. When the friend looked back after they cleared the swell, my father-in-law had been tossed out of the boat. He was not wearing a life jacket. The ice on the reservoir just melted three weeks ago so the water temperature was still extremely cold. I guess it was then that my father-in-law's frantic swimming, flailing, and succumbing to exhaustion and hypothermia ensued with the resultant unresponsiveness and near drowning. The rest of the story is accurate from there I think. Jim said the friend said he couldn't use his hands much today because of the 20 minute struggle of trying to save my father-in-law by trying to get him in the boat and tying the rope around him as mentioned in my earlier post. He did at one point get his phone and tried to call 911 but that failed. He managed to call his wife who got through to 911 who called the emergency water rescue people and the ambulance.

There's not much news to tell about my father-in-law at this point. All are waiting to see the outcome and offering prayers. Jim sounds tired.

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