Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Longer E-mails

Ian was transferred to the city of Londrina and I received two long e-mails from him in the last week. He is now an assistant to the mission president meaning that he has more leadership and service responsibilities. Perhaps the nicest thing for me is that because he doesn't have to spend so much time during his weekly computer time e-mailing his mission president anymore, he has time to actually write something longer than three sentences! He sounds very good.
 Ian and his mission president on his arrival to his mission.
Ian has lost a lot of weight since then.
His mission president doesn't look much older than Ian!

Here are a few snippets:
" We have also been preparing ourselves this week for the zone leader council meeting that we will have this week. It will be the first time that I give a training to all of the zone leaders and I am a bit nervous, but I think it will be just fine, it will be more of a review of the things that we learned with the Apóstolo... Everybody in our house has been sick these days...I am super excited for our Mother's Day call. Hopefully I will have a surprise for you all...I love you all! Remember who you are and what you stand for."

I wonder what the surprise is...

Perhaps the best part of an e-mail I received yesterday was his return home travel itinerary. It's always sweet when you get that letter or e-mail confirming that your missionary son or daughter is actually going to come home someday. Sappy mothers such as myself just weep a bit but that's nothing new. I received the itinerary confirming that he will arrive home the afternoon of August 23rd. Oh happy day. I can't even write that without tearing up.
  This was the day he left.
I still can't look at it without crying.

I drove Jim to work this morning and on the way home I thought to myself, "the time has really flown by" yet I know just how slowly the beginning and middle portions went. The end of one's mission is such a happy time. I remember how much I loved the end of my mission. I'm happy that Ian is happy. I'm happy he's been safe and has grown and matured a lot. I know he'll only be home for three days before he heads back down to BYU but mothers aren't supposed to hang on to their children. Our job is to love, nurture, and send our children on their way to be productive members of society. I have missed Ian a lot. He was such a tough kid to raise. It took all my efforts as a mother to help him. He doesn't need me any more but it's sweet to know that he's turned out so well.

My calendar is marked for the 23rd. :) 
...and on Sunday, we all get to talk to him for Mother's Day.
Happy, happy me.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Ian on becoming an Assistant to the President, it shows what a great job you did in raising him!

    Boy, the time has gone by fast for me, hard to believe nearly 2 years!

  2. Obviously Ian is a very capable and dedicated missionary! His Mission President looks like his companion!!