Saturday, May 12, 2012

Senior Ball

Tonight was Seth's Senior Ball.
It was also the night of a scholarship dinner.
Four of the ten people in Seth's 
dance group received scholarships.
Consequently, they took the rest 
of the group to the dinner too...
as well as six of the parents.
Nothing like dragging your parents along to your Senior Ball. :)
We sat at a different table because
it was conveniently only "10" to a table.
This was Seth's date.
She's a lovely young woman.
There was a motivational speaker who spoke
 at the end of the dinner.
Seth somehow wound up on the stage
because she needed someone with a dollar bill..
She did a magic trick with Seth's dollar bill.
She set it on fire and somehow later fished
 it out of an orange she cut up.
It was a pretty good trick.

So much for Senior Ball with the parents
but we are very grateful for the scholarship.
Congratulations Seth!

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