Saturday, June 16, 2012

Almost An Eagle

Now that Seth has graduated,
he has time to finish up his requirements for his Boy Scout Eagle Award. The requirements, which he started when he was eleven, have to be approved, completed, and accepted by his 18th birthday which is next month. The biggest portion of the requirement is the Eagle project. It involves a lot of planning, preparation, leadership, delegation, and service. It is supposed to involve other scouts and anyone else willing to help. Seth decided to prepare ground and a water sprinkling apparatus for a community-use vegetable garden on an empty lot. The planning, preparation, and approval finally brought them to the actual project today.
A 40 foot long, 7 inch deep trench needed to be dug.
The soil was pretty bad and unforgiving.
 So Seth dug and dug
and dug some more
while others also dug and scooped out dirt
 following Seth's relentless direction to keep digging.
Jim worked on assembling sprinkler pipe.
A second 60 foot trench also needed to be dug.
 Eeesh. Scouts are good people...
even if the pick axes are bigger than they are.
Keep digging.
Is that three boys I see letting a girl dig with a
 pick ax while they watch?!
Another older scout with more muscle arrived to 
save the weary crew.
Everyone's mood improved
  and the pace picked up.
 100 feet of trench is a lot of trench!
Jim can fix anything.
Or in this case, assemble anything.
The lunch break in between definitely helped.
 It works!
A little more communication and 
plotting/layout design and it's a go for a garden.
 Good work Seth 
and team.


  1. This is an impressive accomplishment! Way to go Seth! I haven't been to your blog in a while and had some catch up reading to do! So many great things happening in the Freeman Family!!

  2. What a great idea!! Excellent work Seth!! I love your fam!!