Sunday, June 10, 2012


Is that a word? I'm not even sure but it sure seems like it should be if it's not. That's how I feel about the blessings of attending church on Sundays. There is just a "completeness" to my life, my week, my joy. I learn so much. I am surrounded by people who enjoy each other and who in one way or another, need each other. We talk to each other and find out what good things happened this week and what challenges people were met with. There is strength in listening and strength in being supportive of others and also in being the one who needs supporting sometimes.

Today I visited with a woman who struggles with trying to find time to read the scriptures. She came to some peace about it when she discovered that she could memorize them. I asked her to memorize one this week and repeat it to herself. She found a way for God to reach her. I suspect it will be a blessing to her.

I visited with a man whose wife is not in great health these days. He seemed frustrated by the process of her illnesses and just needed a listening ear. He seemed grateful to find someone who had an understanding of his frustration.

It was a good day for me. I enjoyed the privilege of teaching a class. I am the one who learns the most because of all the preparation. I came away with a sense that we all want to grow in our relationships with God and He is ever ready to bless us.

There is a wonderful, warm Sabbath sweetness that can be enjoyed by all  if we only take time to recognize and embrace it.

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