Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just So You Know, Don't Freak Out...

...there's a dead squirrel in the garbage can.

That's how I was greeted by Seth as he stood in the garage with a shovel in his hand when he came back from the Temple this morning. I saw the dead squirrel in the road as I came up the hill on my way home fifteen minutes before Seth got home. Me being who I am just wanted to get past it as fast as I could. Seth being who he is decided to drive home, get a shovel, put it in the car, drive it back home and put it in my garbage can. But me being who I am said, "Oh no you don't." I gave him three plastic garbage bags and told him to put it in those because dead squirrels DECOMPOSE Seth!! He said, "Don't look Mom, there's "something" he muttered about the head being smashed in or hanging off or something to which I promptly got nauseous and had to leave.

I told Jim about this a little while ago. He said to tell him couldn't leave the dead squirrel in the bag in the garbage can and that he needed to take it out of the bag and put it somewhere else at which point my brain shut off and I told him he's have to take care of that because that does not come under my job description.


Can you imagine if Seth had forgotten to tell me and I went out to the garbage can tomorrow in the sweltering heat and saw a decomposing squirrel in there with some sort of hanging/smashed head issue? They'd find me decomposing on the garage floor later that day.

Some things are just way, way beyond me.

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