Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Still Waiting

We're still on baby alert. In the meantime, I'll post from Ian's e-mail yesterday. His subject line had me stumped so I got someone to translate it..."Realizacao de um sonho" would be translated as "A dream come true." Read on...

"Dear Family,

What a week! I think we will start from where we are and we will work backwards. Right now we are in Iguaçu Falls, which is actually where I started my mission if you remember correctly. We got here about an hour ago, we left from Cascavel at about 6:45 this morning. We baptized 2 people in Cascavel yesterday. We left Maringá Friday morning and got in Cascavel at about 3 in the afternoon. We left Londrina with President Wednesday night at about 8 and arrived in Maringá at about 9:30. We had zone conference in Londrina last Tuesday and that brings us back to the last time that I emailed yáll!

Wow, I really didn't realize how crazy our week was until just now.

Alright, now that we went from today backwards lets start from the beginning of last week and work forwards. Last Tuesday in Londrina, we had zone conferences. It went quite well...On Wednesday, we had our P-day and we spent the  whole day trying to wash and dry clothes. It was rather important seeing that I was already using borrowed socks. It was quite cold and rainy last week in Londrina and so besides the fact that I didn't have any time whatsoever to wash clothes, they wouldn't have even dried if I had washed them. Anyways, after about and hour and a half ironing my socks on Wednesday, and we were off to Maringá! We had zone conferences there which were also good... I also got to see one of my recent converts that we baptized in Maringá, and that was a really wonderful experience. They are doing great and are setting a goal to go to the Temple next year. 

On Friday morning we walked 40 minutes to the bus station in the rain (way fun...) and we got a bus to Cascavel (which is in between Maringá and Iguaçu falls, about 5 hours of a bus ride) and we stayed in Cascavel until this morning. We had 2 baptisms there. 2 brothers of a recent convert there who moved back to the city Sunday morning but had already been going to church for 2 years and had just got married one month ago and wanted someone from Cascavel to baptize him. They were baptized after church! 

We woke up at about 5 this morning and we got a bus at 6:45, and got here in Falls at about 9. We will have a p-day here in falls which will be nice because things are really cheap here and we are going to take advantage and buy some stuff for when we go back. We will also go to the Falls today with President! Which is something that I have wanted to do my whole mission long. I was already getting worried that I wouldn't have the chance to go anymore but TODAY IS THE DAY! It will be very special and we are way excited! I will be sure to take a lot of pictures...We will  have 2 more zone conferences this week, one here tomorrow, and one on Friday in São Paulo, so it will be another crazy week! Vamos Lá! (Translated is "Let's get 'er done).

I know that this Church is true, I know that we are led by I living prophet. I am so very grateful for the opportunity that I am having to serve a mission. I know that I have grown in so many ways and matured in the gospel. The roots of my testimony have grown stronger and deeper and I know that I am much more the person that God wants me to be today then I was many months ago. I love my mission and am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve the Lord and his children. I know that God lives and that he loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior."

That's as long an e-mail as I have ever shared but I could this week. I'm so happy for him that he got to see those Falls yesterday. I look forward to the pictures. The end of a mission experience is truly wonderful in so many ways. Good for him. Here's some info on Iguazu Falls:

"Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States' First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed "Poor Niagara!"

(Ian's "dream come true" I suspect)
 And I don't really know what to say about a son
 that spent an an hour and a half ironing socks!! 
(Probably to dry them I assume).

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  1. He got to see Iguazu Falls!! I would have been totally sad for him if he was there that whole time and didn't get too. What a cool experience!! After seeing pictures of it, it is definitely on my list of things I really want to see.

    I can't get Sarah out of my mind. I hope she can keep the blood pressure issue at bay and that this little lady can come when she is ready.