Monday, July 9, 2012

"The Beginning Of The End"

"Dear Family,

As I thought about what I could put as a subject line, I thought of putting "The beginning of the end," and then I decided that that sounds really trunky and I don't really feel that way. Then I remembered the First Presidency message from the Ensign this month, how we should always think of ourselves in the middle.("Always in the Middle") [Pres. Uchtdorf] cited specifically the example of a mission. So as I enter into this last transfer I will strive to maintain this mentality: "The middle of the end," and I think that does a pretty good job of summing up how I feel...This week was also the last week with my companion, who will return on Wednesday. It has been somewhat bothersome watching him finish his mission with the temptation to imagine myself in his place here in six weeks, but I feel like I have have been able to deal with it fairly well. I really don't want to be unfocused here at the end of my mission and I have begun to pray daily for help to not slow down. I want to get the most out of these two years and the time is getting late, so I will have to get even more effective in my work. As far as transfer new, we have a blast from the past. I will we working with Elder Lima again! He was my companion in Marília and we will be working together again but this time as assistants. I am very excited for this next transfer, he was by far my favorite companion and I am sure that good things are in store.

I will have to run now. We will have a meeting with the trainers right now and we have to get down to the church. I know that this Church is true and that Christ lives, I know that the Book of Mormon is true that that we have a living prophet...I love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes!"
This one brought tears to my eyes. Ian's birthday is tomorrow. Miss him.

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