Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Great Day For A Parade And Fireworks

To celebrate the birth of my new grandbaby, it seems America has celebrated with parades all over this country and will host amazing fireworks celebrations this evening. I feel it is a fitting tribute.
Nathan and I went to the Provo parade this morning.
 He loved the balloons.
 I loved the missionary entry!
That was my favorite part.
Then Nathan and I went to see his new sister.
How sweet is this?!
She "gave" him a new train...
to ease the disruption she might
 make in his life from here on out.
She reminds me of my babies.
My Mom told me today that she looks like me
when I was born.
And she looks like Sarah.
Very beautiful.
She is coming home later tonight.
Dad is doing well.
They even gave him a day off of work with
 the rest of the country to celebrate her birth.
How nice of them.
 Gregory's sister and her husband stopped by.
An expanded family.
For me too.
I now have TWO beautiful grandchildren.
I feel very blessed.
And very grateful.
Hannah's three generation photo.

Thanks Sarah!!
Well done.

Oh and Happy 4th of July America!!

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  1. I love this whole story. She is quite the little cutie, and I am loving that full head of hair!! :)