Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Son

Ok, I'll admit it. I found myself crying on and off for about a half hour this morning thinking about Ian. I realize he is a grown man and he is an adult now and he hasn't needed his mother in several years but he's still my son. He's 21 today. I just found myself to be very weepy this morning and I let myself have a good cry. After a while I decided to do something about it. I decided to make him a big pot of spaghetti sauce and meatballs for his birthday which is his favorite. I know he can't eat them today but they freeze beautifully and he can eat them when he comes home in six weeks! My despair turned to joy and the rest of the day has been very nice. Jim and Seth were DELIGHTED with their good fortune at dinner tonight to say the least and were looking chagrined when I told them I was putting most of it in the freezer until Ian comes home.

Here are some comments from our traditional "Person of the Day" that went to Ian in this week's e-mail to him:

From Seth: "I like Ian because he is a great older brother. I appreciate all the personality traits that I realize I got from him; they are great traits to have, like being disciplined and being a leader among my peers. I also appreciate his example of serving a mission, and I am excited to go to BYU with him."
Elisa's cracks me up: "I like Ian because every time I pull my emergency break in my car I think about how sometimes he pulls it so hard that it gets stuck and then I can't drive anywhere."
Sarah's: "I like Ian because he has such a solid character. He has so many wonderful qualities and I'm so proud of him for serving a mission. And because he's an awesome uncle and will be so great with Hannah just like he was with Nathan!"
Emma's: "I like Ian because he is not into drama....he just likes to have fun and stay positive and it's infectious to those around him."
From Chris: "I like Ian, well, because he is Ian... He's been a good friend."
From Gregory: "I like Ian because...he hasn't decided to rest on his laurels.  He has take a maximum-effort, sprint-to-the-finish approach to his missionary service. "

From Jim: "I like Ian because he's a manly man, a man of science, math, and engineering, but better yet, a man of God, and a trusted agent."

Mine: "I like Ian because he has brought me great joy for 21 years. He blessed me with the opportunity to use all my mothering skills. I like Ian because he will be a blessing to me for eternity."

See you soon Son.
A great dinner awaits.


 Here are some pictures showing why we miss Ian around here:
 Elisa and Ian shortly before he left.
Chris, Ian, Emma, & Elisa
Ian, Jim & Gregory
Just throwing this in because I like it.
Elisa, Sarah & Emma
Typical of Ian's personality.
 And so is this.
And this.
Love this one.

Enjoy the rest of your mission Son.
It will be over before you know it.


  1. don't worry. i cried today too.

  2. Elisa your post touched me and then I realized you and I share the oldest of five gene. I love that. Come see us again---and bring your brothers and sisters ;)


    Aunt B