Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time Is Growing Short

It's Sunday again. I just e-mailed Ian as I always do on a Sunday. The time is really going by fast now. I am just so happy that he has a little time left to finish out his mission. Those last few weeks are tough. A missionary's heart is in the mission but the tugs on the heart strings from home seem to tug even more. I don't mention much at all about his coming home. I don't want to distract him. A lot of people are asking for him and we all just shake our heads at how fast the time went by although at the time, it seemed to drag so much.

I'll post a little something from my journal at the end of my mission. It was dated two weeks before I came home, May 1983.

"There are so many great blessings in being a missionary. I've seen many people be baptized and there are many more to be taught that can't be baptized yet but I know they will be...My companion and I dragged ourselves out this morning. We were dead tired yet something motivates you to do this work that you just can't explain-something that even when you're dead tired or it's pouring rain, you still get out there and work. I can't ever thank my Father in Heaven enough for letting me come on a mission. How can I ever express my gratitude enough? The blessings far out weigh the small sacrifices we make in serving a mission... Before I went to bed last night I was reading some inspirational stuff about missionaries and started to cry. I went in to pray and cried and cried about the thought of my mission ending but at the same time knew that it has to end, that I have to go on, that Jim is waiting and so are my children and that's my most important calling. The sweet peace of the Spirit witnessed to me that my mission is accepted of the Lord and that it is soon time to leave. I will cherish this last bit of time here and work my hardest to serve the Lord. I truly love these people with all my heart."

Jim and I were married six weeks after I returned home and our eldest daughter was born 10 1/2 months later. God bless that man for waiting for me while I served a mission. Like he said yesterday, 29 years down, infinity to go.

The time is also growing short for my blog. It's been good for me to blog these last two years but it's also almost time to end this as well. I'll try to make the end meaningful as I wrap things up.


  1. Knife to the heart as you think of closing down your blog. It's been a great source of strength over these past two years.

  2. Now YOU make me cry. Thanks.

  3. I'm going to miss your blog, Liz! It's very uplifting, you are a gifted writer!